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Civil & Commercial


It is time-consuming, stressful and expensive to litigate disputes.  Today the courts expect parties in dispute to have tried to resolve their disagreements through mediation before the matter comes to trial.  The aim of a mediated settlement is to bring the dispute to an end sooner than if it had gone to trial, to bring certainty of outcome to the parties sooner and to arrive at a cheaper solution than going to trial.   

Paul’s background has given him extensive experience in working with parties to resolve their differences. He is particularly proficient in managing partnership disputes and involving partnership matters generally, disputes between shareholders and disputes with former and amongst current employees.  Paul also has significant experience mediating in the following areas:


  • Warranty and indemnity claims post transaction

  • Commercial contracts including under the private finance initiative (PFI)

  • Professional negligence

  • Business insolvency

  • Financing

  • Property

  • Taxation

  • Inheritance and family disputes

If you have a dispute which you think will benefit from mediation and would like to discuss it with Paul please call him on 07951 764789.  


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