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Workplace Mediation

Interpersonal disagreements do occur within organisations. Disputes amongst staff members can, and do, happen. With the support of line managers, HR, and other internal parties, these problems can often work themselves out. But unfortunately this isn’t always the case.


Sometimes workplace issues, if left unaddressed, can make a working environment tense and unpleasant. Productivity can be affected as a consequence. The issues might involve problems with change management, clashes between employees, general disagreements on the direction of the organisation and bullying.


When disputes of this nature become difficult to resolve an external mediator may help diffuse and calm the situation down.


Paul's experience of working with a multitude of different businesses and organisations puts him in an ideal position to mediate even the most complicated workplace disputes. His confidential mediation service offers organisations the chance to bring frustrated individuals to the table to speak with an impartial third party.


If you would like further information on Paul’s work in this area please call him on 07951 764789

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