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About Paul


Paul is a CEDR accredited civil and commercial mediator with extensive legal experience. For over 30 years he was a highly successful and effective corporate and commercial solicitor and for the last eleven of those years he was the managing partner of a firm which grew into a top 60 UK law firm.


Having acted for a varied group of clients, and then having managed a number of professional colleagues, Paul’s experience is wide-ranging. He has extensive experience of both resolving issues and also bringing people together to achieve positive outcomes, often in difficult and demanding situations.


Many of his peers and clients have complimented Paul on his pragmatic approach to seemingly intractable problems. He works in a calm manner and has a good instinct for understanding the parties he is dealing with, whilst maintaining a firm and objective grip on the issues he is tackling.


Now as a full time mediator, Paul brings his wealth of professional and management experience to the often challenging and sensitive issues between businesses and people that can cause disputes to arise.


Paul is a CMC Registered mediator for his civil and commercial mediation work. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and of the Association of Partnership Practitioners.  Paul takes business to consumer conciliation cases as a CEDR ADR Official. 

Paul is based in London and mediates all over the UK.  

In his spare time he keeps fit by attending regular spinning and pilates classes and enjoys fly fishing when he has the time.

civil & commercial mediation, workplace mediation and family business succession


It is time-consuming, stressful and expensive to litigate disputes.  Today the courts expect parties in dispute to have tried to resolve their disagreements through mediation before the matter comes to trial. Read more...

Interpersonal disagreements do occur within organisations. Disputes amongst staff members can, and do, happen. With the support of line managers, HR, and other internal parties, these problems can often work themselves out. But unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Read more...


Your business and wealth are not just for the present. They are also a legacy for your family and their future. Many family businesses that exist today have been passed down from their founders to succeeding generations. Read more...



“I can certainly vouch for your sharp intellect and cool and logical head under pressure”

Former partner

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